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Transforming Resistance - feeling the discomfort and doing it anyway!

How many times have we felt resistance to doing something for our highest good?!… How many times have we felt resistance to doing something that will help fulfil our goals and purpose? And felt resistance to doing something that is best for our wellbeing?!

I have encountered these kinds of resistance so often recently within me, that I felt to share my experience, in the hope it can bring some value and upliftment to you. In fact this act of writing is a form of transforming resistance, as I feel I am in no way a master of transforming resistance in every area of life!.. But I am writing about this anyway!

It is a curious thing that we often experience resistance to things we know are good for us - time after time! For example, those resistant moments of ‘It’s too cold!’ before we venture and submerge our bodies into the ocean. Or bending forward to touch our toes, feeling initially all the aches and tightness in our back and our calves, which can dissolve away as we stay in the stretch. Or even just getting out of bed in the morning! We can be so motivated to do what we plan to do after we get up, but oh that deliciousness too of staying in bed!

So we see that even the simplest, most beneficial things in life can provoke resistance in us! And this is perfectly human and is as it is! It’s great to acknowledge this, feel the resistance and do the things that are good for us anyway! Yay!

This is one level of resistance, and saying yes to our wellbeing is always a victory! A whole other level of resistance emerges however as we strive to achieve our main goals or purpose in life. Innumerable challenging resistances within us present themselves.

‘I don’t think I can do this!’

‘It’s just too hard!’

‘This is taking too long!’

‘I just suck at this!’

‘So many others are doing this better than me!’

‘I thought I nailed it but I see it’s still not good enough!’

…And so many other patterns of thought emerge to sabotage us! Including during my and Geeti’s aim to create some beautiful, uplifting recorded music for people!

It’s been wonderful for us to apply the same simple method of transforming resistance to things that are good for us.

1. Acknowledge the resistance.

2. Feel it, honour it. Spend time with it without pushing it away.

3. Get to know it, understand it, and how it affects your energy.

4. And then… whatever it is you are feeling resistance to, DO IT ANYWAY! Trusting that YES WE CAN!

5. Appreciate that this is a natural human process we all go through.

6. NEVER GIVE UP! (when it is in alignment with our true purpose). Just keep going and pick yourself up again and again! And keep ‘failing’ as much as you need to, time and time again, and you will eventually succeed!

7. Create ease around the time pressure of when you will achieve your goals. (A big one for me, lol!) Believing and knowing you will succeed!

At the same time, beware of confusing resistance with dishonouring your needs! For example, I gave Geeti a sound healing session earlier this week as this was on my schedule, despite overloading myself with a full schedule on a day when I needed to take some time out. I felt maybe I was experiencing resistance and needed to go through this, and would feel better afterwards. In fact, I felt more depleted after the sound healing and realised that I hadn’t honoured my need for rest and integration.

Wow isn’t life such a constant learning process! I am realising that for transforming resistance to achieve our goals we also need to:

1. Keep feeding and encouraging ourselves with a healthy critique (as opposed to beating ourselves over the head with what we currently can’t do!).

2. Be patient and kind with ourselves as much as we can (as opposed to dragging our energy into the pits of frustration and blame and shame, and spending so much time and energy bringing ourselves out of this again!)

3. Invite in excellence, rather than perfection (and setting a bar for this excellence to be achieved, appreciating that the bar may forever be raised - which is a great thing, if we are patient and kind with ourselves!)

4. Be open to the fruits! Yes we can! Yes we deserve this! A big cosmic YES all round! And aligning our will with the cosmic will!

I would like to acknowledge in deep gratitude Tony Nec from the Academy of Sound Healing, Sue Tsigaros and Geeti Julie Rogers for helping to inspire this post.

Much love and blessings on your week xxx

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