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Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga = union. Nidra = sleep.

Yoga nidra happens when the body sleeps, the mind rests & yet your awareness is still in the present moment. Yoga Nidra is conscious relaxation of the deepest kind. To be deeply relaxed is to be in your natural state of being – healthy, happy & in harmony with life.


Best stress-buster in the business!

Yoga nidra is a lying down meditation practice which induces deep physical, mental & emotional relaxation and supports positive transformation of the entire personality. 

A yoga nidra a day, coupled with a good night’s sleep, can provide us with a effective daily dose of rest and rejuvenation to help maintain optimum wellbeing.


In Yoga Nidra, a state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards (pratyahara), away from outer experiences. When we can withdraw our consciousness from external awareness, without sleeping, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways – for example, to relax fully, to develop memory, awaken intuition and creativity, and transform one’s nature.

Studies have shown that Yoga Nidra can bring the mind from a highly active beta state into a more relaxed, calming alpha state and potentially into a theta state, where emotional integration & release happen.

Yoga nidra, with practice, can take you deeper still, into delta, the most restorative state, when organs regenerate & cortisol is removed, and even further to a brain wave state below delta, where the brain is thoughtless & the most profound peace & self connection is experienced (see Yoga Journal, ‘How Yoga Nidra Can Help You Get More Sleep’ for more information).

What’s more, the practice is so simple – all you have to do is lie down, listen to the guiding instructions, and feel. It is a self-empowering practice rather than a hypnotherapy.

G G Selph meditative.jpeg

Yoga Nidra with Geeti & Gyan

Yoga nidra with Geeti & Gyan incorporates a guided yoga nidra practice with sound healing. The sound healing component can include music, mantra and sound healing instruments such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, for a deeply soothing, healing & uplifting experience. 

Gyan is a passionate student, teacher & advocate of yoga nidra: 

'It has been my Godsend, my foundation & bedrock, my means of healing & connection to source & bliss… That’s why I’ve practiced it each day now for ten years! I love it & the practice keeps getting richer & deeper.'

Sessions will be gently progressive, & students will learn how to systematically relax, rejuvenate & heal themselves.

In these sessions, you will learn or experience how to:

  • deeply and systematically relax your body

  • set potent intentions for self-transformation

  • release pain and trauma and heal yourself

  • activate and balance your pranic field and your chakra system

  • rest in the peace, joy and love of your true nature

  • open your heart to yourself and all beings

‘Imagine falling into a deep sleep, the deepest, most glorious sleep imaginable, and yet remaining blissfully aware of it... this is the ultimate aim & experience of yoga nidra’ - Gyan.


Michael Trembath - Samvahan massage therapist

Gyanananda’s music is transformative. He’s a remarkably skilled and diverse musician, allowing him to customise what he plays to the needs of a group or person.


As a therapist I was blown away by how powerful Gyan’s sessions are, moving me through healing states from relaxation to release to consolidation to bliss. Amazing. This is far more than a sound bath.


It’s immersion into Self healing on the waves of inspired musical vibrations. If you haven’t had a session, and want deep healing, you must experience this.

Michael Trembath, master Samvahan therapist, counseller & meditation facilitator, Sydney

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