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Sound Samadhi


About Sound Samadhi

The Northern Beaches' monthly community kirtan group


Sound Samadhi comprises a group of yoga lovers dedicated to the path of the heart, bhakti yoga – this group includes everyone in our beautiful sangha / community who turns up to participate. 

Sound Samadhi have been offering kirtan and sound healing since 2011.

The group was born to serve and uplift the Northern Beaches community in Sydney and lovingly continues to honour that mission.

For info on the next Sound Samadhi Kirtan & Sound Healing event, click on the facebook link below. 'Like' the Sound Samadhi page to receive notifications of upcoming events.

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Current Sound Samadhi group members

The core group currently comprises Garry Luke, Jiva Berry, Geeti & Gyan. They are joined by special guests from time to time including Divyatma, Sam Bhavani, Radhika Priya Dasi and Mark O'Brien among others.


Sound Samadhi's East meets West kirtan style fuses the traditional with the contemporary & features a variety of instruments including harmonium, guitar, Indian & western drums, manjira, flute & bass guitar.


Sound Samadhi Kirtan & Sound Healing events

Sound Samadhi continue to hold monthly Kirtan & Sound Healing events on the last Saturday of the month in the Northern Beaches.

The flow is as follows:

7.00 - 7.15pm - welcome & introductory meditation & mantra

7.15 - 9.10pm - kirtans

9.10 - 9.30pm - sound healing & closing meditation

During the mantra chanting & kirtan, participants are encouraged to feel the sound vibrations & mantras moving within, & experience their own power to shift, release, heal & uplift. 

The kirtan is followed by a sound healing, where participants can lay back, rest & integrate while listening to the divine conversation between the mystical sounds of the hang, etheric flute, Tibetan bowls & voice.


'Samadhi' + 'kirtan'

What is 'Samadhi'?

Samadhi is the supreme state of liberation or bliss, which is the ultimate goal of all yoga. Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice, combining mantra, music, meditation & the heart, which can offer us a taste of this Samadhi through sound.

What is kirtan?

Kirtan is a call and response group singing yoga practice for the upliftment of everyone, regardless of caste, creed, worldly status or religious inclination.


Kirtan is the practice of transforming emotion through devotion, channelling our energy effortlessly upwards through mantra & sound, literally raising our vibration.


You don’t need any prior experience to take part. This is your personal connection to the peace within you through your unique voice & heart, carried by the collective energy of the group & music.  


'When the kirtan is harmonious with so many people, it’s a tumultuous beautiful sound. We can’t hear just one voice during the chorus; or rather we do hear one voice. But that one voice is actually the sound of everyone’s voice in harmony. That’s our offering to the Divine. And why is it so pleasing to the Divine? Because we are all cooperating for a higher purpose. We are all united... in spite of all our differences' - Radhanath Swami.

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Atma Bhav

Founding member


Founding member


In loving memory

In gratitude to Sound Samadhi facilitators & musicians past & present

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Garry Luke



Emanuel Lieberfreund

Patricia Ma. Bordon


Sri Mukti 


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