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Naada Yoga

What is Naada Yoga?

The song of the heart

Naada (= sound) Yoga is listening to the song of our hearts. It’s a merging of our consciousness with sound. It is a retuning of our vibrating being to a natural state of harmony.

Naada Yoga is a form of yoga that works with sound as a way of bringing us into a state of unity and calm quickly. Mantra & music as a focus for meditation is a powerful & enjoyable way to bypass the busy mind & access a deep, nurturing stillness that resides within us all.​​


Through a variety of sound-based practices based on the ancient Vedic tradition of mantra & the Indian classical music tradition of Raaga we are able to refine our ability to listen deeply, to free our voices & expand our hearts so we may rest in a state of fullness & joy. 

Unplug the ears 

All naada yoga practices aim to refine our listening capabilities. 


We can chant, tone & sing, & listen to the echoes of these vibrations in stillness & quietness afterwards. This can bring deep soul nourishment, peace, mental clarity & intuitive insight, as well as helping to open our voices to their full potential of expression. 


The Universe is alive with the sound of music

The advanced naada yoga practice is listening to the inner sounds of your being, & following them to their source, the subtlest sound of them all. In yoga this is called ‘anahata’, the unstruck sound of the heart, known as ‘Om’ or the original sound of the Universe. Ancient yogic texts state that when consciousness merges with the anahata, samadhi (transcendence) occurs.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nikola Tesla.


Naada Yoga with Geeti & Gyan

Geeti & Gyan's naada yoga classes and events harness the power of sound to settle your nervous system and allow you to find a deep connection and peace within.

Geeti & Gyan often weave together vocal toning, mantra, movement with live music, kirtan, silence and sound healing to uplift your vibration, still the mind and open your heart.

Vocal toning is a simple and powerful technique that will help settle your nervous system, enhance relaxation, release stress, bring focus and clarity, boost your immune system, and energise and uplift your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Uttarkashi M2 2018 images from Anandra-3

What is mantra?

Man = mind; tra = liberate

Mantras are vehicles or tools to bring the mind from a state of flux to stillness. When the mind is still, we are truly ourselves – peaceful, loving, blissful & free! 

Sanskrit mantras are the sound vibrations of subtle energy centres along the spine called chakras. Repeating them with intention is said to help awaken the potent energy that runs through them, called kundalini shakti.


Kundalini is the energy in the brain estimated to be around 90% of our brainpower, currently untapped by most humans. Mantra chanting, like planting seeds, can help awaken & make available this energy within us to help fulfil our potential.

What does 'yoga' mean?

Yoga means 'union' - to be in your natural state of being. This is an experience of oneness with yourself and life - a flow state of blissful, peaceful harmony.

Mantra yoga is both the experience of this harmonious way of being, and the practice of mantra, with the intention of realising this yogic experience.


Practising nāda yoga with you (Geeti) & Gyan has opened up so many treasures & is one of my most favourite things to do in my week. So blessed to receive the deep connection, softness healing & openings each week. Thank you. ️

Athena Heartfull

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