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1 to 1 Kirtan Tuition

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Learn kirtan with Gyan

Private kirtan lessons to expand your musical expression & uplift your heart & soul

  • Learn how to play harmonium

  • Learn how to sing mantras & kirtans with harmonium

I have a few music lesson spots a week ONLINE or IN PERSON - please contact me for availability. 

Those completely new to kirtan & music are most welcome.

What you can learn (depending on your need):

  • Get to know, improve, and awaken your unique voice

  • Sing with an open, joyful heart

  • Find your 'Sa' or home note, and scale

  • Learn how to play harmonium with confidence - fingering, bellows, chords, single notes

  • Get the best out of your harmonium, and learn how it works

  • Recommendations for buying a harmonium

  • Learn toning and sargam (scale) practices to warm up your voice, take care of it consciously and improve your vocal tone, power, range and agility

  • Learn how to sing and play mantras, kirtans and mantras in a way which suits your voice and level

  • Learn correct Sanskrit pronunciation 

  • Learn some music theory if suitable

  • Be supported to be with and release old fears, traumas and anxiety around your voice and music, and connect to music in a way which is nurturing for the soul

  • Appreciate mistakes as a way of learning and smile at them

  • Learn how to lead kirtan effectively

  • Opportunities to lead kirtan in public in a safe, relaxed, encouraging and supportive environment

My personal experience of private music lessons has been both highly traumatising & supportive!... So I am really passionate about offering musical assistance which fosters uplifting experiences to nurture the heart & soul as well as helping you to develop musically.  

I believe in supporting you on your own musical journey, which is always completely unique! That’s why I love teaching music! I find it works beautifully to follow, support & guide your own lead and flow, so sessions can be as creative, intuitive or technical as you need... And holding the intention of the sessions to be easeful, enjoyable and creating more harmony in your life!

If this is resonating & you are interested in learning how to play or lead kirtan using your voice & harmonium or guitar, & able to travel to my home in Narraweena, Sydney, do get in touch.

My standard rate is $80 an hour. 

Lesson length can be from 1 hour to 2.5 hours per session.

Call / text me (Gyan) on 0408 013 341, to discuss what you need.

Or email me:


'Gyan is the most amazing teacher. Wow I have had a wonderful musical journey these past 5 years...  I am so grateful to have found bliss in music through you.'

Devi Jai

'Gyan you are such an empowering teacher! Thank you!' Julie Clare


'I have found my voice. Yesterday I had my first vocal toning lesson with Gyan... I have learned and unlearned so many things in just an hour lesson!

Totally recommend Gyan’s courses to anyone who wants to learn how to use the voice for meditation, healing, and be able to use your voice (singing, talking, chanting) without straining your throat.... 

And I finally understood how my harmonium works. It makes a wonderful sound now...

Today I practiced speaking & singing with mouth open wide and with smile at the end!!!

It’s harder than I thought. I was scared to be heard, to be seen, yes, I am a weird introvert!

Now I allow my voice to be heard. I accepted my myself truly & fully.

This is a fun healing journey for me...

I am so grateful to have found another amazing teacher.'

Toonie McDougall

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