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Geeti and I’s recent six-week journey to England and the Himalaya was epic in many dimensions, and there is an irresistible urge within me to share some of the more ‘cosmic’ experiences with you we had along the way!

Each sacred place in England we visited felt significant for our soul journeys in different ways.

To celebrate my birthday we visited the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, a little known sacred site with some stones 5500 years old. One of the caretakers opined that it is as significant a site as Avebury and Stonehenge as a potent Earth energy centre.

We chanted om namah shivaya in the King’s Men circle and a very blissful silence ensued. We circled a labyrinth to its centre and Geeti gave me a beautiful birthday blessing with song and chimes and crystals, the Sun streamed in and fairies seemed to be dancing everywhere around joining the blessing.

We then crossed the road to visit the King’s Stone and a hidden World War II bunker. As I was walking past the King’s Stone a second time, I heard this voice shouting ‘I am … Swear allegiance to me now!’ I forget what he called himself, probably best forgotten! I witnessed a huge shudder of fear ripple through my whole body and I respectfully declined his offer! My parents’ dog then approached the stone and growled loudly, there was a gust of wind and my left eye suddenly felt very irritated.

The pain subsided enough for me to forget about it til the next morning. I looked in the mirror and saw a black dot on the edge of my left iris. In vain I tried washing it out. I googled what it could be and a series of ‘serious eye conditions’ came up! I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment that day locally with an optometrist.

He said don’t worry, it’s a seed husk with the pointy end embedded into my eye, and proceeded to remove it with some tweezers. He confessed he had never seen this before and this was the first time he had done this! I felt so deeply grateful to him for such skill and nerves of steel removing something so tiny. He gave me antibiotic eye drops as there was an indentation but the eye healed well over the coming days.

Reflecting on the Rollright Stones experience, I felt darkness and light were co-existing in intense polarity… Ancient sites such as these can be portals for black magic as well as white magic. It felt like a lot of both had happened over the ages! So many ceremonies must have taken place there invoking all kinds of beings! It’s quite amusing to me now to think that my ‘eye blessing’ was the wrath of a rejected dark lord!

We visited Avebury too to re-unite with some very precious old friends of mine. Avebury has the largest megalithic stone circle in the world, almost 5000 years old. It is a mysterious marvel that draws many souls there, and is more popular than ever. We found it amusing though that the ‘epicentre’ is the site of a pub! (Albeit a beautiful one, and haled as one of the most haunted pubs in the country!)

Geeti ushered me to what may be the true epicentre, within a small stone circle next to the church, we sat and meditated and I felt this huge sack of energy lodged between heart and throat simply removed from my being. The healing experience was profound and effortless.

Another stop on our cosmic adventure was Glastonbury. In retrospect we realised the most famous ley line of England, St Michael’s, said to emanate the qualities of strength and protection, ran through both Avebury and Glastonbury, and also through Devon and Cornwall, which we visited too! The whole trip felt like a magical flow which just happened, and we received the codes and energy we needed to for our evolving soul journey from each sacred site in unique ways.

We visited the ruined abbey of Glastonbury, once the largest in Europe, dating back to at least the eighth century. To imagine its epic size, height as well as length, was breathtaking, not to mention how beautiful it must have been. So much wealth and so many precious stones would have been incased into the walls and windows and ceiling, all destroyed and plundered as most abbeys were in 1540 with Henry VIII’s nationwide dissolution of the monasteries.

We sat meditating next to the half remains of the lady chapel, built upon what is claimed to be the first Christian church in England. Although physically destroyed, the peace of that place remains - and such a deep, reverential peace. We could hear the voices of the choir and felt so grateful to the few enlightened souls who were said to have lived there. It was once England’s thriving epicentre for monastic life and drew pilgrims from all over - and still does!

We also visited Glastonbury Chalice Well and the Tor, which felt like the Shakti yoni and Shiva lingam sites of Glastonbury respectively. At the time globally we were all reeling from the shock of the Hamas attack on Israelis. The feminine Glastonbury well was a wonderful place to sit and be with the grief we were all feeling. At the same time, such a profound peace we experienced. A fountain gently trickled, the sun lit our faces, and a beautifully light rain anointed us as we sat entranced on the earth, the weather seeming to echo our experience of feeling such tragedy and peace simultaneously.

The well was a wondrous spot to offer prayers to the Middle East and the world, and Geeti and I received profound messages from the trees and the well on how to keep traversing both darkness and light.

Geeti also got the message we must climb up to the Tor. However, being physically weary and unwell, we felt let’s just try and make it to the bottom of the hill and gaze up. Once at the base, we were suddenly blessed with a burst of energy which propelled us up the hill. The wind was keen and cold so we didn’t stay long, but we trusted we received what we needed to, offered prayers, and there was a feeling of completion.

In between the well and the Tor, we stumbled into the White Well, a huge cave in the side of the hill. It was purely lit by a plethora of candles all around. Many people were sitting quietly inside offering prayers to Celtic goddess statues. The most divine live flute and guitar music filled the entire cave. Naked men and women were bathing in the central large well. It seemed like we had entered a portal to the ancient Isle of Avalon! There felt to be seductive dark spells in the walls as well as a lot of light and beauty.

How to be with both darkness and light simultaneously was the recurring teaching for us! And of course for all of us as we feel our way through a polarised world with both escalating violence, madness, love and compassion.

Today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, which celebrates the triumph of light over dark - Rama, symbol of divine order, truth and right royal conduct, defeating Ravana, symbol of despotic, arrogant, blind leadership. Today is a great opportunity to celebrate consciousness, which sheds light into the darkness. And for us to acknowledge how far we have ventured on this journey from darkness to light. And that we each come here to make conscious our unconscious thoughts and patterns. And also to appreciate the cyclical natural of darkness to light, light to darkness that has and will continue to revolve universally.

More cosmic adventures to come!

Love and blessings on your day - happy Diwali! xxx

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