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Japanese movement meditation - Kiryuho


What is kiryuho?

KI 気 is life force

RYU 流 is flow

HO 法 is law of nature

Kiryuho is a gentle, transformative Japanese Movement Meditation to awaken vitality (KI), relax into flow (RYU) & harmonise with the natural laws of existence (HO).


Kiryuho was created by Master Tsuboi Kajo, grounded in the ancient energy principles of Aikido & other spiritual sciences.

Experiencing  the power of the figure eight & mindful movement will help you to rebalance, release & restore.

'Dance, movement & sound can touch places deep within us that words & thinking cannot reach.

It is a precious portal through which we can travel, discover, explore, connect & transform ourselves & each other with creativity, joy & deep presence' - Geeti.


This contemporary 'body art' is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
Kiryuho incorporates the grounding and centering principles of the martial arts,
the mindful awareness of meditation and the free flowing feeling of dance.
Figure 8
A key aspect of the practice is the use of the möbius ∞ figure eight movement, which has the powerful effect of restoring  balance to our body, mind and spirit by rebalancing the left and right hempisheres of our brains.

As we move in the mobius movement, just like the movement of the galaxies, we are able to attune and reawaken our deepest connection with the rhythms and source of life.
As we harmonise within we are able to cultivate flow and harmony with the world around us. 

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Yes I definitely felt more in my body less up and out with my mind and my energy during the practice.


Thanks for sharing so many aspects of the kiryuho, it creates such a beautifully woven practice. I really do think so many people could benefit from it in different ways and I still find it flowing into the work that I do in disabilities and aged care.

Jeni Meyer - disability support worker & yoga teacher, Sydney

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