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The healing process - do we have any conscious control over this?


Do you feel like you are undergoing nearly constant healing these days? And this can be very very challenging when having to live and function in the world at the same time?! Especially as there is no secret switch to just turn the healing process off!

We can explain this upsurge of healing astrologically - that we are experiencing a potent, heightened period of human consciousness.

At the same time I find it very helpful to acknowledge the human journey we’re on from an evolutionary perspective. A definition of success from the late great Mitch Gaynor is: ‘My success is becoming more and more peaceful each day.’ This indeed may be happening to many of us, as we consciously work on ourselves, and have a some kind of regular mindfulness practice.

As we become more and more peaceful, we become more and more relaxed (and vice versa of course!). So I would venture that it’s consistently easier for us to access a low frequency beta brain wave state, or go into alpha (more relaxed) or even into theta. At first this happens only when we ‘do’ our practice - especially if it’s a relaxation practice such as yoga nidra.

I feel though the more we practice, the more easily we can slip into lower, peaceful brain wave frequencies, the moment we pause or have a break during our day. And these kind of brainwave frequencies can usher in the healing process very readily! So any downtime we have, we also may be experiencing strong sensations for example, which are in need of our healing attention. Hence this sense of incessant healing happening!

Also our conscious practice aids us I’m sure in our work, particularly if we love what we do. We can access gamma brain wave states (35Hz and more) when focused on something, more readily than ever. This is a frequency where our minds are engaged fully in something, with great efficiency and inspiration.

Being in this frequency is literally raising our vibration. And as we continue to raise our vibration we will keep encountering more and more past experiences and conditionings previously locked up in our being, which no longer vibe with our new way of being… Hence again the healing within us which is constantly unfolding!

And being in a conditioned response, say a strong reaction to a situation, can happen all the more readily too - as this old way of being vibrates up to the surface of our being. If we are fortunate - as I am - to be in close, regular connection with people who can reflect that behaviour back to you, without often reacting too, we can come out of this hurtful behaviour more easily and consciously choose an alternative way of being…

And let’s not forget the collective consciousness factor - as you heal and empower yourself, bit by bit, that influences the entire field. So everyone can potentially heal and empower themselves more and more readily, too.

And wow, imagine that time when we reach a critical mass of human souls all processing their stuff?! So I am predicting that this healing process we are experiencing will continue, and keep expanding!

It is a mystery how much more we will have to process and heal!… How many lifetimes we have led, how much trauma we have experienced, how many conditioned responses we can let go of?

This can feel very overwhelming, and frustrating and crushing at times… How to embrace these feelings?

I feel we are the bridging generations to our children’s children… We are feeling and processing so much right now - ancestrally, collectively, individually - and hopefully in future generations a critical mass of people will be sufficiently healed/whole to enjoy life without stuff they need to process! Wow what a world that would be! Or I wonder… are we meant to keep processing? To keep feeling the whole gamut of human emotions, ever the more vividly? Is this what truly makes us human? I feel this is one of many of life’s sacred mysteries!

Would be great to hear from you, what your truth is about this!

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