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Releasing inner pressure and opening to Diwali

Have you been feeling ‘under pressure’? Have you been feeling your life gets cluttered, over-busy, or there’s little time and space to experience the things that are important to you?

In my case, the answer has been ‘yes’! If this is the case for you too, let me invite you to contemplate this too:

Who is making you feel ‘under pressure’? Who is making you feel that you don’t have a choice? Is this coming from You or from an external authority?

In my case, on reflection, the answer was ‘from an external authority’ - parents, teachers, society, conditioning, etc. A pressure and expectation and influence and form of control and unconscious force that has been informing my decisions and choices since childhood. In fact, I’ll warrant that this is the probable answer for you too, as the real You - your heart and soul and gut and connection to Mother Earth and higher mind - would only make decisions and choices for you that are aligned to your greatest good, and wouldn’t cause feelings of pressure or victimhood.

I realised that for my whole life, I have been running around, heaping pressure on myself to do a zillion things each day, overloading myself, burning out, recharging and doing it all over again, again and again! And also putting pressure on others to do things in what I felt was my timing, causing disharmony in relationship. I have been running on an unconscious program that has been harmful and draining to myself and others. And all for what? To conform to childhood conditions I no longer ‘need’ to comply with!

It has been really wonderful to notice the transformation happening within me, in my relationship with pressure. As I realised that I was the causer of this pressure, rather than the victim of it, so much contractive energy released, particularly in my big toes! It was an incredibly liberating experience this last week, and as I am now opening to a life and rhythm free from an external pressure, to a sacred flow which my heart and soul wants to follow, moment to moment, so much more ease and relaxation and time and space is able to be with me! And also, layers and layers of suppressed words, emotions and actions from childhood which I didn’t express in order to conform to the external pressure to which I felt I had no choice - have been coming up to heal. Ah the liberation!

And I feel that, especially with the outer world undergoing great vibrational turmoil and change, that many of us are ‘feeling the pressure’ - which can come from the inside out as well as the outside in. And that there is so much light and potential for healing this right now!

And today is Diwali! The festival of lights, probably the most widely celebrated festival in India of them all today. Light overcoming darkness. The day when Sita - our individual soul - is rescued from the clutches of Ravenna - the oppressive forces within us - by Ram - our spirit, heart, higher consciousness and Hanuman - the devotional energetic servant of Ram.

It is an incredible time for shining light on to our unconscious patterns which drive our lives and no longer serve us. This for me is what Diwali is all about! And through enquiry, the light of awareness - noticing, observing, and feeling, I fully trust we can all regain our sovereign power, to fully and consciously determine how we choose to live our lives.

Here is a step by step breakdown of the process I used to transform this, which may resonate with you to try:

  1. Relax the body and mind - whatever works for you.

  2. Enquire. Do I feel under pressure? If so, is this coming from me, or is this from outside me?

  3. If you do feel ‘under pressure’, notice what feelings and sensations in your body come up. If you can, set aside a good amount of time for this.

  4. Trust every experience in your body, emotions and mind. Allow them to express. Take deep abdominal breaths if feeling at all overwhelmed.

  5. Seek professional guidance and support with a healer, to help you through this process, especially if it is very confronting or challenging.

  6. Open to your heart and soul - ask them what do I need right now? Ask them to be with you throughout the day, guiding you each step of the way. ‘I open my front door to love, light and connection.’

  7. ‘I allow my power to return to me.’ Reclaiming your sacred boundaries and opening to your sovereign power - that you are now in control of your life!

Happy Diwali to you and blessings on your week xxx

In deep gratitude I would like to acknowledge Vinayak Varma, Prashant Gupta and Manisa Mitpaib for these photos courtesy of, Lee Harris and the Z’s channelled message this morning about power and abundance, and for the affirmations I have suggested above. And to my partner Anandgeeti for her love and wisdom. Also deep honouring and gratitude to my parents for their love and support and for helping to empower me to reclaim my sovereign power. I acknowledge the sacred soul contract we are co-creating together. Infinite love xxx

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