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Falling out of love with popular culture


Have you fallen out of love with most popular culture including music and film?! Have you managed to find an ‘alternative’ culture which you love and fully satisfies you?

It’s been a big process to be able to admit to you now that I’ve fallen out of love with Neil Young! And Bruce Springsteen! And Johnny Cash! And The Smiths. And Radiohead. And many many other artists I absolutely adored at one time, which no longer resonate. And most of the movies I’ve found on Netflix, I totally loved or would have totally loved once upon a time, now sure I can enjoy them but they leave me feeling empty and unsatisfied.

And there’s a lot of sadness there I realise which needs to be acknowledged - the sadness that artists and movies which once elicited such passionate and intense emotions and insights in me no longer have that effect whatsoever!

And the ‘weening off’ stage needs to be acknowledged too - when there’s still a pull (as well as a push) to that music or movie, but when consumed isn’t fully satisfying. And the ‘alternative’ that could potentially really excite us and elevate our consciousness is not fully desirable yet or not discovered yet!

And also what needs to be acknowledged in this process is our creating of separation - of this music being ‘spiritual’ and that music being ‘non-spiritual’. Sure, in the realm of duality, this can be said and argued to be true. I’ve noticed however that many times on my journey, often unconsciously, I’ve pooh-poohed something or someone in popular culture I previously loved! And when this happens it’s good to have a sense of humour about the games our ‘spiritual ego’ can play on us!

And at the same time of course to appreciate that the popular culture which no longer resonates with us continues to be of great service to many.

From Metallica and Nirvana to Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith, these artists inspired me and uplifted me so much. I still love them and appreciate them in my way. And they helped me to feel things previously unfelt, hear things previously unheard and gain invaluable insights. Even if their lyrics about co-dependent love, dysfunctionality and egoic separation helped drive me into a rabbit hole of illusion - that illusion in my life needed to grow and grow sufficiently big enough to one day shatter completely!

Us human beings, on our multi-dimensional spiritual journeys, need Neil Young AND need Eckhart Tolle! It’s so liberating to appreciate all the evolutes and journeys of consciousness!

And acknowledging all this helps create space for a new culture to form and grow and integrate within and around us. Finding our cultural and spiritual tribe and place, which is constantly evolving. That which sets our heart on fire right NOW and expands our souls and holds compassionate space for us to feel things deeply in safety and with love. I wish all of us this.

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