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Embracing the Wisdom of Uncertainty

Updated: Oct 5, 2021


In this ever-changing world, where our notions of what is truth and what it is to honour our own truth are being shaken up, shifted and transformed, I find it’s so important to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty.

But what exactly is the wisdom of uncertainty? A question I posed to my subconscious yesterday evening! I subsequently had a dream where a beloved spiritual teacher of mine, Satyadharma, who left her physical body a couple of years ago, visited me and told me to ‘embrace my wisdom…. It is time, Gyanananda!’

I replied, ‘How exactly can I do that?!’

She said (paraphrasing!), ‘You don’t need to do anything! It’s simple! You let Devi do it all for you. You let Devi think through you, speak through you, act through you.’

‘Ah this is the same teaching as Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita,’ I thought. ‘And why Devi? Yes I resonate very strongly with the Mother in all her forms. I love Saraswati for the wisdom she bestows, for the musical inspiration, for bestowing us words of truth and creativity, and humility in learning, both spiritual and worldly. And Laksmi Ma for all the gifts of abundance, and contentment and beauty and peace and the gratitude to receive all of this! And of course Ma Durga for protecting us and helping us let go of harmful thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

‘And I could go on, but what about Shiva, Sri Ram, Hanuman, playful Krishna and beloved Ganesha?! They all have a big place in my devotional heart too!’

Satyadharma lovingly laughingly replied, ‘They and we are all one. Can’t you see the connection? Shakti or Parvati (the energy of all unmanifest and manifest creation) is the bride of Shiva (the consciousness which pervades all the energy). And they had a son together, Ganesha (the elephant god who can help us on a material level also, to gain purity of mind). So Shiva and Ganesha are both beloved by Devi.

‘And Sita (the incarnation of the Devi goddess Laksmi, also representative of our soul) is the beloved of Ram (an incarnation of Vishnu, also representative of our Spirit). And Hanuman (the monkey god, representing the body, life force and ego) is the beloved servant of both.

‘So you see by loving Devi, you are loving all the Hindu pantheon!’ Satyadharma replied (again, forgive me, this a little colouration of her words, which I can’t recall absolutely precisely!)

So she was teaching me the lesson that we are all one, and by focusing on one thing, say Devi, or a butterfly, or your mum or Devi in the form of a butterfly or your mum, we are in fact celebrating and loving EVERYTHING! All energy and consciousness. And everything is divine.

Her other message to me, and I feel to pass on to you (which she did give me permission to do!) is this: it is time to know we can be wise! It is time to awaken that inner wisdom, and apply it. Letting go of any apology around this, doubt, insecurity, and feelings of unworthiness.

We ALL have the innate capacity to enter the Divine Flow of life! I’m sure we’ve all experienced those times when life just flows effortlessly and magically, when we are deeply in our bodies and hearts, and when we feel that we are serving a whole greater than ourselves, in a way that feels totally aligned and wholesome, literally!

It is time for those who have had a glimmer of this experience to dip into it more frequently. And for those who have dipped into it more frequently to make it more and more frequent, a part of our life’s unfoldment. Which is simply the natural unfoldment of our human divine consciousness on this planet!

This is what ‘the wisdom of uncertainty’ means to me right now. It is about letting go of our minds being the captain of the vessel, and instead remembering and whispering to the Universe, each moment, ‘How can I best serve the whole / Devi / God / Allah / the Universe (apply own name for it!) etc in this moment?’

And then, let go! Surrender to the moment, being open, listening. Where does the Universe / the Divine want to take me in this moment to fulfil this mission statement? And wow, what an amazing magical ride can unfold! Or sometimes, very edgy and challenging but exactly what’s needed for MY growth and healing! And always somehow energising and uplifting. And definitely the more grounded we are, I feel, in a daily spiritual practice, the easier it is to slip into this divine flow, and to stay in it!

In these times, where the ground of the civilised world - social, professional, economic, political, media, health - is constantly changing, it is crucial to be able to embrace uncertainty, to surrender to it and let the Divine flow!

‘I’m not sure I’m comfortable with giving up my will?!’ - you may be thinking, as I was! Yet ‘going with the flow’ is really about aligning our will to ‘how best can I serve?’ It can take a conscious effort of will to remember this and align with this, ‘How best can I serve?’ And to keep remembering this, keep returning to this. It is a paradox of our greatest willpower combined with our fullest hearted surrender to the Universe (in my case, to Devi!). Body, prana, mind, emotions, soul, and Spirit all aligned to service. Again and again, coming back to this feeling, to this mission, to this inspiration, to this Divine connection, and connection to all beings. Just as we keep returning to the breath or the candle flame in meditation, or keep chanting the names of the Divine in kirtan.

And yes, it gets easier and more and more effortless to do this, and life becomes more and more a reflection of our divinity! How amazing is that!

We are definitely challenged with times when we forget we are in service of the whole entirely… And hence this post, as a simple recalibration if you have been experiencing this recently!

I for one have been forgetting this, as I have been attempting to make some music recordings! Sure, I have been doing it with the intention to serve all, which has been highly motivating and inspiring. However in the process I have experienced my mind go into doubt with thoughts like, ‘I can’t do this!’ ‘This is too hard!’ ‘I don’t think I’m good enough to do this!’

When it comes to singing and playing music to myself and Devi, with friends, or with a group of like-minded souls live at events, I can now ‘do’ all these things effortlessly and in divine flow. It feels wonderful and yet I have to remember this was a process which has taken years to come to this peaceful and joyful way of being with it.

Right now, it feels like what I need to be doing most is recording music (or attempting to!). It’s the most creatively stimulating, validating and challenging thing I can do, and the most edgy! Perfect!

Recording music I’m finding out requires a whole another level of technical mastery, when compared with playing live! I won’t go into it much on this post, but to give you a snapshot - learning about all the software and hardware required to record to a high standard (huge!), precise song structuring (big!), arrangement and playing of each instrument (big!), tempo mapping (which changes frequently in kirtan!), and of course perfection of execution combined with connection to the heart and divine flow.

Within all this complexity and learning and technicality, I definitely lost at times my connection to the divine flow. Listening back to a take when I’m trying to get it technically perfect, or at all nervous about making a mistake or self-conscious in the slightest, - it really shows! It just sounds unnatural! Definitely not fully in my grounded heart in the divine flow!

So what a process it is! It’s teaching me again and again to remember my divine mission. And I feel the light of consciousness on the planet is continually expanding and shifting, so much so that it is intensifying any experience we have when we don’t feel aligned or in the flow.

So here we are in this moment together! May we all learn and keep remembering to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty and go with our flow!

Love and blessings! xxx

PS. I would like to really acknowledge The Vision Keepers group for the inspiration and the wording 'The Wisdom of Uncertainty' to write this post. In deep gratitude. xxx

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