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The energies in the wake of the recent full moon lunar eclipse and in the advent of the full solar eclipse on 4 December are really calling us to clear all the obstacles so we can follow our hearts, no matter what!

For me there is a sense of deep inner clearing. The last couple of weeks have been far less about doing and much more about being. Being with all the energies that are surfacing now that have stood in my way of following my heart and my path, from many different lifetimes. A sense of being hunted down and judged by others in the past who didn’t like or didn’t want what I do creatively to be seen, heard or valued publicly. And, through re-living this energetically in my body, a feeling of re-wilding - of reconnecting to my ‘wild heart’ which wants me to pursue my hopes and dreams, no matter what opposition there may be!

Geeti and I recently had a lot of fun creating what emerged as a ‘Ten Year Plan’ for ourselves! It was a big process for us doing a weekly and monthly planner, so the ten year plan felt like a huge leap - but also very natural. I highly recommend giving it a go!

Though be prepared that, at least for me, this was an incredibly challenging as well as empowering process - still on-going! The actual creation of the plan was really easeful and joyous - if you want to do one, just really go for it, let your heart and soul sing to you - and also feel into your body as to what is actually possible within your capacity and capability.

It’s the aftermath of the creation of the plan that has hit me hard! There is such power in letting all your heart’s desires and visions flow into a ten year plan, written down, giving them all real time and space to manifest in physical reality! So I am processing right now all those remaining energies in the way of achieving my wild heart’s wishes. And oh Mother, these energies are intense! There is a sense of being in a storm, a flood of tears. And so much rain at the moment! A sense of just letting the storm pass. And keep returning to trust in this process, to trust that the ‘doing’ will come later, to being so grateful for this opportunity to heal so deeply.

It gladdens my heart to feel that I am one of many, many souls that are really reclaiming - or will be reclaiming in the next decade - their sovereignty on Earth right now. My heart and soul healing journey that I have just described is, I feel, emblematic of a potent, ever expanding consciousness across the globe. Many of us are in the process of reclaiming our personal power, our voices, our wild hearts, desires and dreams, our gifts, our ground - both individually and collectively.

And a big part of this process too, I feel, at least for me, is a breaking of innocence - a deepening realisation of the extent and impact of the injustices and corruption that is playing out in the world. And the deep sadness of this. And the anger! And sometimes the hopelessness, the despair.

And at the same time, opening to the possibility that on a spiritual level, there IS universal justice, hope and peace.

And that we are waking up, there is great change happening. From within us, then so without. I hope and trust we will be entering a new golden age of being. It will take time and personal responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world. Together We Rise! One step at a time!

Photo acknowledgement - the ‘She-Wolf’ card is from Kyle Gray’s ‘Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards’ - ‘Let your wild side up and out! Unleash your talents and desires!’ Artwork by Lily Moses. A fantastic card pack! Thank you to Mignon Mukti for this gift!

Also special thanks to Sue Tsigaros for her loving support on Geeti and I’s business journey in the realms of insight, planning, coaching and encouragement. And so much love and gratitude to my partner Geeti Julie Rogers too for her love, support and vision.

Also tickets are now on sale for a very special New Year’s weekend retreat (in person!), 31 December - 2 January at Ananda Wellness Retreat near Jamberoo, NSW! Sing in the new year with a big kirtan night on New Year’s eve with Sound Samadhi, Mignon Mukti, and friends followed by conscious dance with Michelle Mahrer and friends on New Year’s Day, plus yoga, sound healing, sacred song concert, movement meditation with Geeti & Gyan and more!

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