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Embracing Trauma


For those of you on the path of self-healing, especially from trauma, I know this can feel like a solo insular journey at times... Healing often happens alone behind closed doors and is something often unseen and unheard in the public domain…

I just want to really acknowledge you and all the inner work you are doing. I feel this is easily as important as the work we do externally in the world. Fulfilling the ‘inner purpose’ alongside the ‘outer purpose’ as Eckhart Tolle would put it.

Each time you feel something uncomfortable in your body and make time to be with it as a process to witness… wow you are really changing the world. This is amazing work you are doing! There is so much inter-generational trauma healing in the field at the moment… For me personally, it’s a daily experience and practice, and it can feel relentless…

I find it great to remember in these times that we are healing not just ourselves but our entire family lineage - our children as well as ancestors, and helping to raise the vibration of collective consciousness, which includes how we treat the Earth. How amazing is that?

So I really want you to know that every single act of self-healing and self-care I’m sure makes such a big global - universal - difference.

And at the same time let’s be as compassionate as we can with all behaviours we employ to mask the pain and trauma… Netflix, chocolate etc! They do help us feel better in the short term and we do what we do to help us through the heavy feelings that healing can bring up.

Much love to all you spiritual warriors on the path of self-healing! Thank you for all you are innerstanding, doing and embodying.

And big love again to Gabor Maté for helping to open up more awareness and communications about trauma.

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