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Choosing Joy - what makes the heart sing !

It seems harder and harder these days to live joyfully if we are not following our soul’s expression!

Our souls invariably want us to enjoy life, to feel totally fulfilled and expressed, to realise our potential giving whatever we chose to gift uniquely to the world. Yet how often our minds / egos can hijack our soul power and run the show!

Geeti and I recently tested Covid positive again, and the ‘Covid interruptus’ - the inevitable change of plans and lifestyle, like for many I’m sure these last few years - blessedly helped to shift our mindset. We let go of our recording project til next year and breathed deeply, relievedly, and happily into the new found space, now relishing our remaining big project for the year - the New Year’s retreat. With that extra breathing space, our souls felt lighter, freer, joyful and playful again (despite being physically unwell!)

With this new-found freedom, I realised too that my mind had been fixated with time-framed outcomes and a fear of ‘not making it’ and being successful quickly. ‘We should be doing this and this and working twice as hard as our souls would like!… Only then we can be successful!…’

Wow, that was definitely a wake-up call. My mind had been hijacking my soul’s expression and joy. The only kind of worthwhile success, after all, surely comes from the soul expressing itself fully and totally and joyfully! This then, and only then, becomes our unique, glorious soul offering to the world. A beautiful black cockatoo came and perched in front of us for some time yesterday to remind us of this - to remember the power of spirit in our lives!

As within, so without! Geeti and I’s inner re-balance of our soul power is surely reflective of the collective. Every year and epoch of existence has examples of our collective soul power rising up and breaking free. Yet the polarity between oppression and freedom is perhaps greater now than ever before.

As the Earth is shifting seismically, climatically, and cosmically, so are we humans. The heat is rising! When a wild flower is in good soil and is encouraged by the Sun and the rain, how can she fail to open and bloom to the world in all her glory?

The Iranian women’s burning of their hijabs, and the ‘A4 Army’ in China, protesting any which way they can, even shouting ‘We want more lockdowns!’ to demonstrate their lack of free speech and movement, are historic moments when the collective spirit of a nation has reached its ‘red line’, and the truth outs. Soul freedom is victorious in the end, rebirth after tragedy, historic cycle after cycle!

Even in this soccer World Cup - the teams with youthful, confident teams are shining, and the old, ‘playing it safe’ teams have bitten the turf. The vibration of the Earth and human consciousness I feel has never been so supportive for individual and collective soul expression.

So let’s choose joy - what makes our heart sing! I chose this as ‘my minute by minute daily practice’ a few months ago and I have found it to be a simple, but challenging and profound practice. And definitely ongoing! It has been wonderful to contemplate how much I am putting my soul first and which aspects of my life I can bring more joy into.

I’ve found an important aspect of joy is optimism. Right now, there is understandably an air of pessimism and uncertainty about the future for many Australians… maintaining optimism and trust that ‘things will be wonderful’ I’ve found is key to staving off fear of what might be and remaining in the joyful present, where we can dream in joyfully the future we want for ourselves.

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