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Mantra Yoga


What is mantra?

Man = mind; tra = liberate

Mantras are vehicles or tools to bring the mind from a state of flux to stillness. When the mind is still, we are truly ourselves – peaceful, loving, blissful & free! 

Sanskrit mantras are the sound vibrations of subtle energy centres along the spine called chakras. Repeating them with intention is said to help awaken the potent energy that runs through them, called kundalini shakti.


Kundalini is the energy in the brain estimated to be around 90% of our brainpower, currently untapped by most humans. Mantra chanting, like planting seeds, can help awaken & make available this energy within us to help fulfil our potential.

What does 'yoga' mean?

Yoga means 'union' - to be in your natural state of being. This is an experience of oneness with yourself and life - a flow state of blissful, peaceful harmony.

Mantra yoga is both the experience of this harmonious way of being, and the practice of mantra, with the intention of realising this yogic experience.

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