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Leading Kirtan


Opportunities to lead kirtan with a group

Leading kirtan is an uniquely rewarding experience

Geeti & I were both gifted numerous opportunities to lead kirtan in highly supportive environments. For this we are eternally grateful, & we wouldn't be doing what we love without having had these experiences. 

We feel really grateful too that we are in a position to be able to give back... That is why we feel passionate about offering the opportunity for others new, or inexperienced in leading kirtan, a chance to experience this.

Yes leading a kirtan may bring up all manner of uncomfortable feelings such as self-criticism & self-doubt, but we are here to help support you to have a positive, transformative experience of kirtan!

The beauty & liberating thing about kirtan is that ultimately it really doesn't matter how our voices sound, if we sing out of tune or make mistakes. Sure, a good rhythmic sense really helps when leading a kirtan but still, kirtan is the opposite of a performance!... It is an offering from your heart to the Divine, or whatever you hold sacred.


Opening our hearts as best we can, being our authentic selves & singing from this place, is the aim when leading kirtan - this is what really matters.

Geeti & I intend to keep this heart-based approach to kirtan alive both when leading & supporting kirtan. Kirtan has captured our hearts because it asks of us each time to be real, to be ourselves... that's all & that's everything!

'I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think' - Rumi.

Opportunities to lead kirtan during Community Havan & Kirtan

If you're interested in leading a kirtan in an energetically & musically supportive environment, do contact us.

There will be an opportunity for four people to lead kirtan in a group during the Community Havan & Kirtan program - on a first reserved, first served basis.

So contacting us in advance of the day is essential / recommended. If you contact us & the four slots are all taken, you will be first in line for the next time.

We will let you know when the next Community Havan & Kirtan program will be!

Leading Kirtan with Harmonium Workshops

We are also planning to offer some sunday group workshops for leading kirtan with harmonium... more info coming soon! 

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