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Shanti Space

Shanti Space - a heart-centred sanctuary for community, healers & teachers

Geeti & Gyan are custodians of Shanti Space, a wellbeing centre in the Northern Beaches. They offer regular classes & events there & invite other healing practitioners, facilitators & sacred musicians to utilise the space.

Their mission with Shanti Space is to co-create with healers, teachers & musicians a heart-centred sanctuary for community to nurture body, mind & soul.


Space Hire

Nestled within the earth & crystal embedded walls of community-built Be Still & Chill Health & Wellness Centre, Shanti Space consists of a reception, a workshop/class/event space & a treatment room available for hire.


Treatment room - Uma

Beautifully & naturally furnished, 11m square, earthy, womb-like healing space.

Available for regular practitioners for space hire, half day, full day & special 3 day rates.

Workshop space - Saraswati

Approximately 70m square (10 x 7) with a beautiful bamboo floor & earth-rendered walls. 7m window with natural light.

Space hire available for booking regular or casual classes, events, workshops & weekend urban retreats.

Shanti Space services

Shanti Space offers a wide range of wellbeing & wellness services including 
classes, workshops, events & treatments, with the common purpose of nurturing your body, mind & soul.

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Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Balancing

Classes & Courses

Meditation for Inner Peace, Yin Yoga & Hatha Yoga

Events & Workshops

Sound Samadhi Kirtan, Community Havan & Kirtan & more



Shanti Space brings communities together to nourish their heart connection with themselves and each other.


Shanti Space offers safe, unconditionally loving spaces for people to let go, flow & heal.

Shanti Space creates pathways for a new Earth – personal transformation that creates social, planetary & universal transformation.


Shanti Space offers services for people to rebalance & experience harmony & oneness with themselves, each other, & life.

Experiencing harmony & oneness, people can move beyond suffering & connect with their innate peace, love, joy & bliss.

Shanti Space's mission

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