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Soul Motion Conscious Dance + live music with Geeti & Gyan

Friday 7 - 9.30pm at the Memorial Hall, Mona Vale

Dates this year: 11/6, 10/9, 12/11 ONLY (2nd Fri of month)

Move your body, awaken energy, inspire creativity, seed new moon intentions for yourself and the earth, heal & find harmony with how we connect & move through the world with LIVE MUSIC and sacred sounds.


Conscious dance facilitator Geeti draws from more than 35 years of movement meditation experience, and her passion for supporting embodied creative & transformational expression.

Sacred musician Gyan Jon Parry (flute, guitar, harmonicas, cajon, hand pans and keyboards), will be joined by special guest musicians Emanuel Lieberfreund (flute, sax, percussion), Aviva Pinkus (percussion), Garry Luke (bass and electric guitar) Mukti ( vocals and crystal bowls)Geeti (vocals, harmonium, manjira, & percussion) SPECIAL guest Shivam Rath ( Shakuhachi an slide guitar) !

Together they will weave together a unique and sacred alchemy of uplifting, soulful and supportive musical soundscapes and song to support the body-soul to express and move easefully.

No previous experience is necessary.... come and feel the liberating feeling of moving from the inside out, letting your soul move your body to uncover your true song!

Soul Motion® is a free form dance meditation designed to help cultivate ease and confidence in moving alone as well as with others, moving beyond self consciousness and fear into relaxation, trust and flow.

It was created by Vinn Arjuna Martí to help cultivate expression and receptivity and strengthen our ability to relate with ourselves, each other and the world around us. 

All levels of experience are welcome.



  • Learn tools and techniques to support grounding, alignment, balance, receptivity, connection.

  • Learn how to embody harmony with oneself and the world around.

  • Awaken energy, joy and creativity.

  • Reconnection if we are feeling isolated.

  • Helps to rebalances us when we are feeling off centre.

  • Awaken our intuition and insight.

  • Connects us with the infinite heart of our true soul essence


'I am in deep gratitude to you Geeti, for holding such a safe, open, healing space for us to grow, share, heal, evolve and come closer to ourselves & our souls' - Pam.


'Movement, dance and sound can touch places deep within us that words and thinking cannot reach. It is a precious portal through which we can travel, discover, explore, connect and transform ourselves and each other with creativity, joy and deep presence' - Geeti.



To ensure the safety of all, Shanti Space and Geeti & Gyan have the following protocol in place and we ask that you respect these guidelines:

1.Please remain 1.5 metres away from each other.

2.You are of course welcome to wear a mask if you would like to and would feel more comfortable.

3.Please wash hands before and after the event (or use hand sanitizer provided at reception). 4.Please don’t come to the event if you have cold /cough or CV symptoms or been in any areas where cases have been reported. If in doubt go get tested.

5.We are wiping shared surfaces regularly in the public areas.



Geeti & Gyan are conscious music & movement facilitators who together offer a unique & soulful blend of movement, conscious dance, naada & hatha yoga, kirtan, sacred song & sound healing to open the heart & connect us with a nurturing source of stillness within.

Geeti & Gyan hold the intention that these practices not only benefit & transform our personal wellbeing but also that of our families, our society & our mother Earth.

For these sessions, Geeti draws from her experience as a qualified Soul Motion conscious dance teacher, Kiryuho movement meditation teacher, & trained naada (sound) yoga teacher. Her passion & calling is to uplift, unify & transform our personal & collective energy & awareness through music, mantra & movement.

Geeti is also a sacred musician, kirtanist & sound healer, who sings & plays harmonium, manjira, tanpura, Indian drums, hand pans, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, & other instruments. Her devotional & joyful heart shines through her music & voice, allowing people to let go & surrender to uninhibited expression, & be filled with deep nourishment.

Gyan, who will provide sacred music for these sessions, is a classically trained vocalist & multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, & trained kirtanist, hatha & mantra yoga, yoga nidra & meditation teacher & a sound healer.

His sacred music helps deeply relax, uplift & connect people to the beauty of their inner world. He sings & plays flute, guitar, piano, harmonium, harmonicas, sitar, tabla, cajon, hand pans & other instruments.

Geeti & Gyan are based in Sydney & are custodians of Shanti Space, a wellbeing centre in the Northern Beaches. They offer regular classes, events & workshops here & at other venues in Sydney & beyond.​ Their mission with Shanti Space is to co-create with healers & teachers a heart-centred sanctuary for community to nurture body, mind & soul.


We look forward to sharing Soul Motion Dance to support each other at this time. This will be a precious time to connect, feel, release, heal and uplift our spirit through the transformative power of conscious dance & sacred music.

Blessings and love

Geeti & Gyan

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