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Community Havan & Kirtan

Shanti Space, Brookvale


9/10, 6/11, 11/12

$25 / $20 conc.


Photo courtesy of Mahavidya

Community Havan & Kirtan with Geeti & Gyan + friends

6 - 9.15pm at Shanti Space, Brookvale


This will be a great opportunity for community connection, nourishment and upliftment, as we come together to chant, offer intentions, sing, and share prasad (a meal, chai and sweets).


It will be a beautiful way to serve and support each other and the wider community through collective intention, mantra and kirtan.



We can often feel unsure of how to help people in need when we can’t do this physically. Havan is a way to give our heartfelt, energetic support to all beings everywhere, including ourselves, the community and the Earth by offering transformative mantras, flowers and intentions in a yogic ceremony which is thousands of years old.


Havan is a feast for the senses, which celebrates the beauty and sacredness of all life. There will be a beautiful altar creation to help anchor in our intentions.


There is an opportunity to share our intentions individually, to be witnessed and heard, and hold space for others to do so. The practice can help you enter a deep state of meditation, and brings powerful self and collective transformation and deep soul nourishment.


No prior experience is needed. There is a main mantra chanted 108 times which everyone will be able to pick up and learn on their first time to havan.



Kirtan is your personal connection to the divine through your unique voice and heart, carried by the collective energy of the group and music.


It’s a very accessible group singing yoga practice, combining potent Sanskrit vibrational sounds called mantra with call and response melody and rhythm to help bring us into a relaxed, balanced and expansive state of being.


No prior experience is needed to take part – all are welcome!



The intention here is for members of the community to get a chance to lead a kirtan in a supportive community environment.


Contact Gyan at if you’re interested or phone/text on 0408 013 341. There are limited spots for this, so we highly recommend you reserve your slot asap!


Geeti & Gyan will be facilitating the havan and supporting the kirtan musically with tabla and manjira, cajon, guitar and flute as needed.



You are most welcome to stay afterwards to connect with community. Food, chai and prasad (sweets blessed by the mantras and our intentions) will be provided.




There is limited space in the reception for this so we appreciate your co-operation.


Proceeds of this event will go back into covering event costs, and the remainder will go to charity.

We hope you will be able to join us for an evening of co-creative transformation and celebration!

Children are very welcome.

KEEPING YOU SAFE To ensure the safety of all, Shanti Space, Be Still & Chill and Geeti & Gyan have the following protocol in place and we ask that you respect these guidelines:

1. Please don’t come to the event if you have cold/cough or CV symptoms or been in any areas where cases have been reported. If in doubt go get tested.

2. Please sign in using the QR code on arrival.



We look forward to sharing an evening of havan & kirtan to support each other at this time. This will be a precious time to connect, feel, release, heal and uplift our spirit through the transformative power of mantra, music and meditation.


Blessings and love


Geeti & Gyan




Geeti & Gyan are conscious music & movement facilitators who together offer an unique & soulful blend of kirtan, sacred song, conscious dance, yoga & sound healing to open the heart.

Their passion is to help people connect, transform & find unity with themselves, each other & the universe through music, mantra & movement.


They are both kirtanists, sound healers, and nada yoga teachers. Gyan is also a hatha yoga & meditation teacher and singer-songwriter, and Geeti is a Soul Motion conscious dance & Kiryuho movement facilitator.


They fuse the traditional with the contemporary, playing a variety of instruments including harmonium, guitar, piano, cajon, hand pans, harmonicas, sitar, tabla, manjira, flute, crystal & Tibetan bowls.


Their open & joyful hearts shine through their facilitation & music, allowing people to let go & surrender to uninhibited expression, & be filled with deep nourishment.


They are now custodians of ‘Shanti Space’ in Brookvale, offering their own classes & workshops there, and inviting other facilitators and health practitioners to utilize the space.


Their vision is to provide a safe, sustainable, unconditionally loving space which brings community together in harmony and unity.

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